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With the cold temperatures and slipperier road conditions that winter brings, it’s essential to stay on top of regular maintenance and ensure your car runs at its best.


From checking the oil level, tires, brakes, and other components—here’s a helpful checklist to keep your Audi well-maintained.


1.     Always Check Your Auto Fluids


In colder weather, car fluids such as wiper fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil tend to move more slowly or even freeze. Make sure to inspect the coolant system and change/refill the proper water to antifreeze blend, if necessary. Since motorists tend to use wipers with greater frequency to clear out snow and ice, having an extra stash of wiper fluid in your trunk is highly recommended or upgrade to winter-grade wiper fluid. Ensuring that your brake fluid is preserved to keep its anti-corrosive properties is also a must.



2.     Battery Care


The older the battery, the more susceptible it is to damage from cold temperatures. If you live in an area with particularly harsh winters, it is essential to check your battery before the cold sets in. Professional automotive specialists can run a diagnostic review of your battery and make sure that it is ready for whatever winter throws at it.


The diagnostic review will scrutinize wear and tear on the battery terminals and cables, the battery's charge level, and ensure that it has enough power to start your vehicle during those cold winter mornings. If issues are found, they can be addressed quickly so that you don’t have to worry about being stranded in freezing temperatures with a dead car battery. 



3.     Inspect Your Brakes & Tires


Investing in studded tires or switching to winter tires can give your car the best chance at sustaining traction, reduce the chances of encountering an accident, and help you navigate exceptionally well through icy roads. Depending on which state you are located, you can look into legal requirements regarding the kinds of tires you need to have while driving in winter weather.


Ensuring that your brakes are functioning at their optimum levels is very important, as well. Visit your Audi dealer to have your brake pads, fluids, and anti-lock braking system sensor inspected.



4.     Check Your Headlights, Taillights & Indicators


Making sure that your Audi’s headlights, taillights, and turn signal indicators are in topnotch condition promotes road safety especially when visibility might be limited during winter conditions.



5.     Tune Up Your Heating & Cooling System


Keep yourself insulated from the frigid weather by tuning up your Audi’s heating system to its peak performance. Additionally, double check your cooling system for noticeable leaks, and if it has sufficient antifreeze.



6.     Prepare a Winter Weather Safety Kit


Keeping a winter weather safety kit on hand is highly advisable since the weather can be unpredictable, especially when you’re traveling. Load up a first-aid kit, heavy blanket, shovel, flashlight, windshield scraper, and a flare gun to have a way to signal for help.



7.     Wash Your Vehicle

If you are driving regularly, wash your car frequently to protect the paint from corrosive road salt, which when left unwashed can dissolve the paint and make the metal underneath prone to rusting.



Nothing beats preparing well for any eventualities on and off road, so you can enjoy your adventures despite what the winter season may bring. Drop by O’Daniels today to have your Audi checked.


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