Anwar, Porsche Audi Brand Specialist: Salesman of the Year

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What makes a perfect salesman? We may never know. Anwar, however, comes close and has earned the 2019 Salesman of the Year award for Audi Fort Wayne.


This is not the first time Anwar has won this recognition, he was also awarded the 2018 Salesman of the Year nomination because of his impressive customer service, and for consistently keeping in touch with customers before, during, and even after a sale. Anwar believes that thinking outside the box and staying focused has led him to receive the honorable title more than once.

What other factors led to Anwar earning Salesman of the Year?

According to Anwar, his warm personality and effective strategy (being genuinely attentive to customer needs and wants) helps him find the best way to sell each individual customers a vehicle.

Even though most clients ask for the price and interest rate, Anwar believes that customers should also know the pros and cons of buying versus leasing to avoid missing out on the benefits of one over the other. He also wishes that people would listen with open minds instead of immediately stereotyping them.

What's his secret?

Anwar's secret to making sales is to visit his current working and recently lost leads as often as possible, most especially in the morning, and then to plan the rest of his day ahead. 

What is his bestselling vehicle?

When asked about which car gets the best value for the price, Anwar recommends the Audi Q5. It's the perfect vehicle for family or individual use since it's not too big, and not too small. It also sits higher, so it's easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The Audi Q5 also boasts of safety and convenience in all weather conditions, thanks to Audi Quattro – an industry-leading, benchmark, and one of the safest in its class. Because of its contemporary styling and cutting edge technology, it is definitely a complete package overall.

When is the best time to purchase a vehicle?

Anwar also revealed that the best time to buy a car is during the "Summer of Audi" and the "Season of Audi." During these times, the brand offers the best incentives of the year, Special Equipment Packages are introduced (specially equipped vehicles are built for these promos), and extra savings are available as well.

Any more tricks up his sleeve?

There aren't too many secret tricks or tips left in the car purchasing process anymore, Anwar admits. In general, the car business, as well as the car purchasing process, has evolved over time. The presence of the world wide web has made the car buying process so much simpler and more transparent than what it used to be a couple of decades ago. Most buyers these days are aware of current incentives (rates and rebates) when they step foot on a car dealership.

What's next for the 2019 Salesman of the Year? 

The size of success is indeed measured by the strength of one's desires to be a better version of himself. And true enough for Anwar, his next goal is a 5-10% increase over last year. 

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