Brand New Electric Audi Sparks Interest from Car Enthusiasts Across the Country

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Announcing its first ever fully electric production model, Audi unveils the Audi e-tron to excited consumers across the globe. Not just a sports car, the Audi e-tron is performance ready and perfect for the ordinary tasks of every day life. The five-seater SUV is stylish without compromising space, making it the perfect car for the whole family. With a range of different charging options for drivers at home or on the move, the e-tron gives customers the benefits of fully electric driving without the usual trade-off's.


Known for its prestigious sense of style and sporty sleek design, the Audi e-tron clearly takes after the rest of the family but with extra features bringing it into the electric age. Keeping up with past successes, the Audi e-tron takes on the same octagonal shape as the rest of the Audi SUV’s, including the singleframe grille with vertical struts. Signaling it as an entirely electric car, the brand new enclosed grille is colored in platinum gray. 


Representing the image of a charging indicator, there are four horizontal struts located under the standard LED headlights to create the specific e-tron signature in the daytime running lights. Using light as their signature design feature, Audi experts are the first to directly integrate these daytime lights into normal headlights.

595 × 394

In addition to lights, the Audi e-tron features a continuous shoulder line that expands from the headlights to the rear lights, giving the Audi a stance of prominence. The heart of the Audi e-tron is of course the electric battery, which is visualized with the black trim seen along the doors. The roof spans across the powerful body to the sculptural rear to highlight the sporty design. The absence of tailpipes due to its fully electric drive is emphasized by the four cross-slats in the diffuser. Consistent with their other SUV’s, the Audi e-tron features a light strip connecting the LED back taillights.


Not just concerned with the look of the Audi e-tron, these experts also consulted with aerodynamic experts to make this powerful electric car more efficient by utilizing high tech solutions. The regulated cooling air inlet helps to cool the front brakes while the speed-dependent and adaptive air suspension is becoming a normal standard for the Audi e-tron. Thermal management also plays a critical role in the e-tron by using waste heat from electrical components to warm the cabin as well as powering the air conditioning and the cooling of the motor.


If the elegant exterior look doesn’t hook you right away, then the spacious and cozy interior is sure to do the trick. Excellent attention to detail is what sets this Audi e-tron apart from the competition. The wraparound and stepped dashboard is just one of the main technical features that give this electric car the airy feeling drivers desire without losing functionality. The high-tech charging options make the Audi e-tron the first of its kind with a charging capability of reaching 80 percent battery in just 30 minutes.


Whether it’s because of the wide range of capabilities or the powerful refined luxurious design, the Audi e-tron is certainly creating a shock-wave among car lovers all over the world.

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