Audi and HERE’s Amazing New Navigation Technology

By Jacob Stubbs

Imagine if you had a vehicle that could provide you with a detailed 3D representation of your city. Now imagine if that same vehicle was aware of what was going on in your city and determined your route to work on the basis of that awareness. Furthermore, imagine if this vehicle was so intelligent that it could determine the direction of the lanes and even the edges of the roadways you drove. What you’re imagining may seem like a vehicle that exists only in a science fiction film — yet Audi and HERE are collaborating to make this advanced navigation technology a reality in the new Audi A8 luxury sedan. What will drivers of the Audi A8 experience with Audi and HERE’s new technology?

Drivers can use the myAudi smartphone app to synchronize their desired destination with their car before they set out on the road. Once they enter their destination on the app and get into their car, the car provides them with mile guidance from the beginning to the end of their trip.

HERE’s navigation technology gives beautiful 3D maps of urban areas and terrain. These maps communicate important information and are so detailed that they even display landmarks, which help drivers reach their destination easily. These maps can be accessed on multiple screens. Thus, occupants other than the driver can interact with these maps.

As you drive down the road, HERE’s technology uses its predictive road data to create a model of the road several miles ahead. This allows the car to see the road ahead beyond the reach of its sensors.

Audi’s MMI examines the traffic along your trip and uses the present road conditions and potential hazards to determine the best route to travel. As you drive, this information is frequently updated, and you can change the route by tracing a new one with your finger. This technology can even help you find parking.

Are you ready to experience the most advanced form of navigation technology available today? This technology is available in the Audi A8. And will soon be available in other Audi models as well. 

Come test it out, today!

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